8 Unique Cocktails You Can Only Find In London

Sunday, 26 Apr 15 (07:02pm)

Want to have a fun night out in London but don't know where to go? Or maybe you're looking for a unique drinking experience you won't find anywhere else in the world? Well luckily there are a ton of different bars and restaurants in London to choose from that serves cocktails that seem out of this world...literally. From Camden to Soho and even Whitechapel, you're bound to find at least one restaurant or bar in London that serves unique, mouth-watering cocktails, but here are seven of the most unique cocktails you can only find in London:

1. Ginger Spice (Social Eating House)

If you want a cocktail with a "zig-a-zig-ah," then make sure you check out Social Eating House's gingery and delicious Ginger Spice cocktail in Soho. Its ingredients include Lemon Peel Ketel One vodka, ginger juice (because of course), carrot, lemon, blossom honey, sugar and spice, and carrot top tuille; and it costs £9.50. Address: 58 Poland Street, Soho

2. Rain (69 Colebrook Row)

Because we all know London is the city of rain, rain and more rain, what better way to spend a rainy night in London then to venture to 69 Colebrook Row to wash those rainy blues away. 69 Colebrook Row's Rain cocktail costs £9.50, is made of Distilled Kaolin Clay and Ambrette Seed and Vetiver, and it's served straight from the bottle. Address: 7 Old Compton Street London, Soho

3. Your Mum Rang (The Shop)

Not only does The Shop (located near Abbey Road) serve drinks in vintage milk bottles and marmite jars, they also house a wide range of unique cocktails you can only find in London. One of the best on the menu would be none other than the Your Mum Rang cocktail, which is made from Tovaritch Vodka Lime Juice, Vannila and Rhubarb syrup and ginger ale, and it costs £8. Address: Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise

4. Prince Albert (Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town)

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is more than just a bar with an awesome name, and if you're not even remotely interested in those girly, fruity drinks, the Prince Albert cocktail may be right down your alley. This "delicate and sophisticated" seasonal cocktail costs £10, and is made from Tanqueray gin, sweet vermouth, green Chartreuse, and Luxardo maraschino topped with champagne. Address: Artillery Lane off Bishopsgate, Whitechapel

5. Rye Your Eyes Mate (Peg & Patriot)

The Peg & Patriot has made a name for itself with its "tongue-in-cheek" drink names and experimental cocktails (like the Rice Rice Baby or the Scottish Porn Star), but one of the best on the list would have to be the Rye Your Eyes Mate. The cocktail costs £9 and contains rye (obviously) as well as mustard maple herbs liquor and maraschino concoction, and is garnished with a bee's wax dipped cherry. Address:Patriot Square, Bethnal Green London Cocktails

6. Swizzleton Post (Callooh Callay Bar)

The Callooh Callay Bar was recently declared as having the "Best Cocktail Menu in the World," so for that reason alone we highly recommend you get a sip of their cocktail list. One of the most unique cocktails on the menu would have to be The Swizzleton Post, which costs £9 and is made from Santa Teresa Rum, pineapple syrup, lime juice, orange bitters and fresh thyme served over crushed ice. Address: 65 Rivington St., Hoxton London Bars

7. Distilled Hemingway (Duck and Waffle)

The famous American author Ernest Hemingway may be from Illinois, but luckily for this East London haunt you can get a little taste of Hemingway in London as well. The Distilled Hemingway cocktail is made from Bacardi Superior rum, maraschino liqueur and distilled citrus juices, and it costs £14. Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate London Bar Crawl

8. Ginger Snaps (Cinnamon Kitchen)

London is slowly gaining a reputation for housing some of the best Indian restaurants in the world, so it's about time it tackled the Indian-inspired cocktail market as well. The Ginger Snaps cocktail is made of fresh root ginger and curry leaf blended with tequila, as well as Cointreau and fresh lime, and costs £7. For those interested in a non-alcoholic drink, you can also try their Strawberry Fields mocktail made of fresh strawberries blended with sugar and milk. Address: 9 Devonshire Square, Aldgate