Drinking on a First Date

We all know that first dates can be stressful what with all those nerves (and hormones) bouncing about, but one of the ways that people commonly tackle nerves is… that’s right, you guessed it, a whole lot of alcohol! Or, as I like to call it, one of the only perks of being an adult! You know we will always have your back, right? That’s why we’re giving you some of the do’s and don’ts of drinking on a first date.

1) DON'T pre-drink

We mentioned earlier that nerves can get the best of you, but you should definitely not tackle that with unlimited drinks before you meet your date!

Liquid courage can easily turn into liquid stupidity and no date will find that sexy. You’ll just become a drunken date story for the other person, because we all know 1 drink can so easily lead to 10!

2) DO think about the venue

We all know that there are many outside influences that can affect an event and first dates are no different. There can be weather issues for example, so you need to think about these things when picking a venue.

Do think about whether the venue has indoor and outdoor seating, good chair options, good lighting, good drinks options and a suitable vibe. Remember, the point of a first date is to be comfortable enough to let your walls down a bit, so you can actually get to know each other!

3) DON'T order for your date

Maybe I’m part of the minority for thinking this, but I hate when people order food or drink for me. Unless I’ve popped off to the loo and have asked you to order in my absence, don’t do it.

The whole point of a date is finding out their likes and dislikes. First dates are all about balance, so, avoid behaviours that disregard the other person as an individual, please. Avoiding this is how second dates are made, people!

4) DO go to a place that has food as an option

As much as alcohol can unite people, we all know food can too! It’s sensible to line your stomach with some food before you drink, but not everyone is into dinner for a first date (how can you leave between courses if it goes badly?!)

Nevertheless, going somewhere that has the option of some nibbles is good in case you get a bit peckish or you just need something to do with your hands. If things are going really well, you can always share ;)

5) DON’T try to match your date drink for drink

Look, we’re all adults here (allegedly) so we should all know our drinking limits by now! Don’t exceed them by trying to match your date drink for drink.

6) DO be strategic about where you sit

People can sometimes forget about the importance of seating. For us lazy folk, we don’t want to be at a place where we can’t sit at all. Some people have an aversion to bar stools and you obviously want to avoid sitting near the loos...

Try and find seating where you can hear each other, sit comfortably across from each other and the treks to the bar and loos aren’t too far! Also, aim for further away from the door, because that constant opening and closing can get irritating too!

7) DON’T go to your usual hangout

For a first date, it is nice if the two of you are on neutral ground, but you don’t want to take your date some place where everyone knows you.

Think about it! You don’t want people you know to keep popping by to say hi or for those people to bring up embarrassing stories of times you’ve had there. There’s also the fact that if your date goes well, you’ll have a new special place for the two of you if you go somewhere new. If it goes badly, you’ll be able to avoid it completely!

8) DO think about your order

If you know that you don’t do well with Gin or you lose your memory after Sambuca, try and avoid those things!

Go for drinks you know you can handle. You can try something new, of course, but within reason. You can also go for fewer bigger drinks and nurse them, instead of going for a lot of little ones. Just remember quality over quantity!

Last but not least, DO have some fun on that first date! Dating is supposed to be relaxed and enjoyable, just want to make sure that alcohol doesn’t become a barrier that stands in the way of you getting to find real love. Another little tip, if you’re looking for that first date to begin with, why not try CLiKD, the dating app that helps you see the person behind the photo!

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