Professional Drinkers: Our Hangover Tips

It’s all fun and games till the morning after.

As difficult as it is, as hosts we do have to have the odd drink here and there (…😉) on our crawls so we’ve had our fair share of hangovers! We thought our best gift to you would be to share our tried and tested best hangover cures.

You can thank us in the morning.

  1. Kate
    Get in the shower! Makes you feel 10x better. Plus a Disney movie marathon, of course.
  2. Luke
    Rule #1 never think about the things you regret from the night before
    Rule #2 try some yoga
    Rule #3 failing that, just get back on a level. Hair of the dog, right?!
  3. Gee
    Water, sex and an onion. Probably not together.
  4. Leon
    Best hangover cure is a hangover prevention! Down two pints of water before bed and you’re sorted.
  5. David
    A morning swim. (Can you tell he used to live on a boat?)
  6. Tommy
    (side note: you do actually hydrate quicker if your potassium levels are high. So this one isn’t as strange as it sounds…)
  7. Matt
    Watch Rick & Morty. It may not get rid of the hangover, but at least I can laugh my way through it.
  8. Ryan
    A red wine /cola mix. And sex. That helps.
  9. Leila
    Coconut or aloe water. (We still don’t know if she’s serious about this one.)
  10. Debs
    Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
  11. Olivia
    Netflix. Sofa. Nutella & peanut butter waffles. Thames water. (Thames Water is orange juice mixed with coke… vitamins and caffeine in one! Lifesaver).
  12. Martina
    A massive burger…. Calories don’t count when it’s hangover food, right?!
  13. Nat
    Vegemite! Typical Aussie…
  14. Cary
    Drink a Fisk! Double shots of Baileys and Fisk mixed, followed by a glass of orange juice. Sorts you right out.
  15. Tony
    If Jagerbombs were involved it has to be brushing your teeth and several mint chewing gums. Don’t want to taste that the next morning.
  16. Tonya
    A bottomless brunch. Standard Londoner

And if none of these help you out? You obviously had a VERY good night – get back on it with a hangover pub crawl (returner discount available).

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