Halloween Pub Crawl London

[metaslider id=449]We were working at the lab late one night, when our eyes beheld an eerie sight: Cool people in London not going on a Halloween Pub Crawl! Year after year our Halloween Pub Crawl has been proven to be one of the funnest and most party-filled Halloween events in London, but what's not to love when you're visiting some of the best nightclubs in London, partying with a bunch of fun people dressed up in great Halloween costumes, and sipping on some sweet discounted spirits (and we're not talking the supernatural kind).

Halloween in London: It's a graveyard smash!

No bones about it: On Halloween, London is a city that knows how to throw a Halloween party right. When it comes to partying it up on Halloween in London the only thing you have to fear will be fear itself...and missing out on this fun and once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Because if there's one thing that's for sure, the only thing better than a Halloween candy coma, is a Halloween Pub Crawl in the midst of London's frighteningly fangtastic nightlife scene. As past attendees will tell you, our Halloween Pub Crawl is more epic than Michael Jackson's “Thriller” music video, scarier than Michael Myers in the original Halloween movie, and as unforgettable as seeing Freddy Krueger's face for the first time - and that's saying a lot. So dust the cobwebs off those dancing shoes because Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this spooktacular holiday than joining us on our Halloween Pub Crawl?

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From gurgling down some fangtastic drinks, boogying down to “Monster Mash,” and showing off your cool Halloween costume and dancing until your feet fall off (well, hopefully not), unlike other Halloween events in London, when it comes to our Halloween Pub Crawl, anything ghost. Let our hauntingly awesome tour guide lead you through a night out in the fright zone at some of the best nightclubs in London, all of which will be decorated in delightfully creepy Halloween décor. (And who knows, you may stumble into a ghost or two?) The scenes will be rockin', you'll be digging the sounds, and you may even find yourself monster mash-ing down to The Crypt-Kicker Five's “Transylvania Twist!”

Advantages of our Halloween Pub Crawl

  • Free entrance into every club and bar that we visit
  • One free fangtastic shot at every venue
  • Special themed Halloween props that will leave you howling at the moon
  • Discounted drinks throughout the night
  • A professional photographer to take photos of you and your new friends, as well as that creepy ghost that's een hovering behind you all night
  • A hilarious tour guide who will make you laugh until your insides fall out (no, really)
  • A chance to attend the one of the best Halloween parties in London
  • At least one person who will appreciate all the work you put into your Halloween costume
Don't let boredom lead you to smashing pumpkins like a hooligan all night. Book your ticket to our Halloween Pub Crawl in Shoreditch or in Central London today to take advantage of some early bird discounts.