If you’re part of a club, society, or sports team, then we know that team bonding is almost as, if not more important than the activity itself! And what better way to bond then with a few drinks in some of London’s best nightlife areas!? So, get in touch and we might be able to offer you a group discount, and even better than that, we can arrange for a flexible payment method so you don’t need to collect all the money before booking something! If your society is big enough that people might want to come over several dates, there’s also the potential for your club or society to make some money… so give us a shout!

  • Discounted prices for all Society members
  • Society Organisers go for free (in large group bookings)
  • Flexible payment methods (individual payments can be made by society members)
  • Ongoing discounts for large societies
  • Potential commission earnings for your club
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