Pub Crawls


This is undoubtedly the centre of London’s nightlife, and London’s top tourist destination. Big bars, big clubs – and loads of them! – all under the shining lights of the West End Theatres and Leicester Square. It’s not exactly niche, but it’s always busy and vibrant, and where you go just to drink, dance, and have a good time. Encircled in the glorious old buildings of Mayfair and Oxford Circus, you really feel the ‘grandeur’ of London.


Our central London Crawl is our ‘Party Crawl’ where you’ll visit some great bars & clubs and can party until 3am every night. Midweeks you’ll get an average crowd of ~20 people, and on Fridays & Saturdays around 80-100! So you’re bound to meet some awesome people ready to dance away the night with. So come check out London’s biggest Pub crawl!


Camden’s core is made of alternative culture, with a rock-metal feel, and still giving live music a chance. But as one of London’s most popular drinking areas, it also boasts a ton of cool, unique venues, from traditional boozers and the odd cocktail shack, to converted stables and theatres. It’s not the biggest area, but there’s something for everyone to like as you get a sense of the ‘rough and ready’ London nightlife.


Our midweek Camden Crawl is our more intimate, chilled Pub Crawl where you can chat, play some games or even some beer pong on certain nights. Additionally we still take you to the livelier bars, where you can have a dance or even jump on some karaoke when it’s on. Weekends we have larger crowds, hit more dancey-bars and give a big club finish in one of the massive Camden venues.


Definitely more a bar scene than a club scene – but no less equipped for a party! The venues are a bit smaller, but therefore quirky and intimate, and still always playing some great tunes. The rise of the hipster converted this part of East London from something grotty and dangerous, to something creative and inspiring. It’s not mainstream, and therefore the least touristy of the three, but well worth experiencing for a more ‘local’ feel, and more niche venues.


Our Shoreditch Pub Crawl is a bit smaller than our central London Pub Crawl, but that still sets you up for a great night as you get more mingle time with your new family of Crawlers as you check out some quirky venues in hipster East London—for cheaper than all the locals there!


Ministry of Sound club is one of London’s biggest and most famous, as well as creeping in the top 10 clubs across the world in various lists. Big DJs, big venue, with a blasting sound system and usually open until 6am; you hit Ministry of Sound when you’re ready for a big night! Playing mostly dance/house/electro music, it’s not for the faint-hearted, but definitely worth checking out.


You’ll join a decent sized crowd in central London where you’ll hit two great bars with free shots & drinks deals, before heading to MoS on the tube. The bars offer a good chance to mingle and drink cheaply, before rocking up to the main event with free entry (worth £20+ alone!) Big night, insane value, and an awesome crowd to enjoy it with.