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If you are planning a student event, then look no further! We will work with you to put on a night to re-member, for amazing value. Save a fortune visiting an awesome selection of bars & clubs, while our expert Hosts take care of the night!

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Example Saving on Pub Crawl Pub Crawl Regular Night
5 venues entry £0 £30-£50
5 shots £0 £20
Double vodka & mixer £7 £12
Bottle of beer £3.50 £5
*Pub Crawl drink prices are examples and vary between the different bars that we visit.
Example Saving on Pub Crawl
Pub Crawl Regular Night
5 venues entry
£0 £30-£50
5 shots
£0 £20
Double vodka & mixer
£7 £12
Bottle of beer
£3.50 £5
*Pub Crawl drink prices are examples and vary between the different bars that we visit.


Find our lovely Hosts at our arrival venue, ready to explain the night and get you mingled with your London Pub Crawl family for the evening. Grab your free shot, a cheeky discounted drink or two, and let the bonding begin! We will adapt how we start the night based on the crowd – sometimes we do some mingle games to help introduce everyone, sometimes chill and chat, or sometimes just get straight to the partying.

Our Hosts will guide you to 4 more bars/clubs on this London Party, and we always try to escalate the night with each place we go – so in general the venues get a bit bigger, busier, and louder as the night goes on and we start murdering some dance floors!


No. Students 20-99 100-199 200-299 300+
COST £11.25 £10 £8.75 £7.50
SAVE 55% SAVE 60% SAVE 65% SAVE 70%
No. Students COST
20-99 £11.25
100-199 £10
200-299 £8.75
300+ £7.50
SAVE FROM 55% TO 70%

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Do I need ID? What types?

Yes, you must bring with you a valid, physical, photo ID. Photos/copies are not accepted at London venues. (This is equally about security as it is your age). A driver's license or passport are the best forms of ID.

What's the dress code?

In general, smart-casual. No tracksuits, joggers, flip-flops, or sports-team tops are permitted in venues. For those in heels, keep in mind there are ~5 minute walks between venues.

What if I am running late?

You can still join us after the first venue, though you will have missed the venue and free shot here, plus the first chance to mingle with your group for the night. You can contact us through our Instagram page @londonpartypubcrawl on the night for the most direct contact, or alternatively email us - though please bear in mind our Hosts will also be busy hosting the Crawls, so may not be able to respond immediately. Punctuality is appreciated!

Are there cloak rooms? Do I have to pay?

Most of the later venues (after 10pm) have a cloakroom available to use, though you will have to pay a fee.

Do you run when it's raining?

Of course! Come wind, rain or snow, we will be out there with our mighty orange umbrellas aloft.

Can we wear fancy dress?

Fancy dress is generally allowed so long it is not offense or obtrusive in the venues. Please enquire with us just to be safe.

Venue security

All late night venues we work with have security, who are responsible for the safety of customers in the venue. If they believe you are too intoxicated, inappropriate or dangerous, then they will not permit you to enter the venue.

Are there are Covid-19 procedures?

There are no requirements or procedures regarding Covid-19 at any of the venues we are working with.


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