The Differing Cost Of A Pint Around The Country

Saturday, 13 Feb 16 (09:00pm)

Here at London Party Pub Crawl, we love a good drink, so when we saw this infographic comparing the price of a pint around the UK and the rest of Europe we had to share it. The infographic was produced by serviced apartment providers Citybase Apartments and compared the cheapest and most expensive pints of beer across the UK and Europe. So, to the million-dollar question: Where is the cheapest pint in the UK?  While the general belief is that prices are always higher down south, believe it or not, the answer is actually Hertfordshire, where a pint will set you back just £3.10! Does this mean the likes of Watford and Hemel Hempstead are going to be the new places to be!? Probably not, but it's an interesting statistic nonetheless. As for the most expensive pint in the UK? As you can probably guess, it's right here in London, where on average, a pint will cost you £3.92. But don't worry! With our pub crawls in London you can experience all the great nightlife the capital has to offer, but with free entry to some awesome bars and clubs, free shots and special drinks deals, you needn't worry about being out of pocket! And no offence to Hertfordshire, but we're pretty sure London is a better night out! However, it's when you check out the prices in Europe that things get put into perspective. On the one hand you've got the super cheap Czech Republic, where a pint costs an unbelievably low £0.72, hence it's popularity with stag and hen parties. At the other end of the spectrum, Scandinavia is the most expensive area for alcohol, where the average pint in Sweden will set you back a full £5.00. That's a whopping £4.82 difference between the Czech Republic and Sweden, so for the price of one pint in Stockholm you could almost have seven in Prague! It definitely puts those London prices into perspective doesn't it! Check out the full list of prices in the infographic below: