The Last Bar

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The Last Bar

Discover one of the Best Bars in London: The Last, nestled along Shoe Lane in Holborn, was a beloved city pub and restaurant that unfortunately closed its doors. Despite its closure, The Last left an indelible mark on London’s dining and drinking scene. Situated near Chancery Lane, it was a favored spot for locals and professionals alike, offering a respite for lunch breaks or post-work gatherings.

With its oversized windows and inviting terrace, The Last provided a vibrant setting to enjoy delectable lunches and quality beverages. Although it’s no longer operational, memories of its charm linger on.

The Last Bar London

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Delectable Menu Selection

The Last boasted a menu brimming with freshly prepared lunches that were not only delicious but also offered great value. From towering beef burgers to indulgent snack platters and mouthwatering desserts like warm chocolate brownies, patrons were treated to an array of British culinary delights. Complementing the fare was an extensive drinks selection featuring over fifty wines and champagnes, as well as specialty beers. Whether craving a pint or a fine Merlot, The Last catered to every palate.


The Last Bar London

Elegant Interiors

Renowned for its simple yet elegant decor, The Last underwent a renovation that elevated its ambience. With floor-to-ceiling windows and an open-plan kitchen, the restaurant exuded sophistication, setting it apart from typical city pubs. Patrons appreciated the attention to detail, creating an airy yet cozy atmosphere, while outdoor seating added to its allure.


In-House Party Planning

Setting itself apart from others in the area, The Last offered an in-house party planning service, ideal for corporate lunches or private celebrations. With customizable packages and attentive staff, patrons enjoyed seamless events complemented by delicious fare and a cozy ambiance.


Attentive Service

At The Last, professionalism and warmth characterized the staff, making each visit memorable. From knowledgeable waitstaff suggesting wine pairings to bartenders crafting impeccable drinks, patrons were made to feel welcome and appreciated.

Though The Last has bid farewell, its legacy as one of London’s best bars and restaurants lives on in the hearts of those who experienced its charm and hospitality.

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