Your Hosts

At London Party Pub Crawl, we have one major aim: to give everyone a great night out in London. Actually, more than just “great.” We want it to be the night that, on the morning after, you say, “Wow! What the hell happened?!” So we only work with hosts who are really going to add some value to your night and show you an unforgettable time! (*Though probably somewhat hazy).

Check out your possible future Hosts below!

Our Pub Crawl Family

LUKE | Landaaaan ( London )

Luke is making waves in the nightlife industry – big, messy, drunken waves. A Tsunami of talent is just waiting to be unleashed… he just doesn’t know in what! Pub Crawls? Quite Possibly ;)

Fave Drink: Tequila, sprinkled with regret

Spirit Animal: Dolphin – Outgoing, intelligent, playful. (Except I don’t swim too good!)

Bumper Sticker for Life: Regret what you do, never what you don’t.

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Well if Carlsberg made them, they’d make ‘em like ours ;)

ASK What Luke’s tattoo is about! (And what it is?) And what happened in LA!?


Kate spends her days working on such a variety of things that much like Chandler Bing, no one can quite figure out what her job title is. Known as ‘snake hips’, you’ll probably find her on the dance floor.

My Jam: Anything Shakira

Spirit Animal: Elephant – Great memory and big ears :)

My Happy Place: Disneyland

Pub Crawl philosophy: Drink triple. See double. Act single ;)

ASK Kate what happened on a night out in Manchester Gay Village in 2013?

OLIVIA | London

Olivia by day is a studious, driven English Lit Student at Uni… but at night, ain’t no way she should be driving! She loves make-up, travelling and giving some serious sass – watch out for it!

Fave Drink: A Martini in any form

Post Night-Out Snack: Anything bacon + cheese. Burger King!?

Spirit Animal: Peacock – Love to have my best assets on show ;)

Pet Hate: People who can’t take a hint!

GUESS what insect Olivia has a serious fear of!? And where her piercings are?? ;)


Our Visual Effects Artist Alex (he’ll take the best pics of you 😉 ) is loving exploring the world and meeting people from all over. Above all else, he LOVES Avril Lavigne- he’s anything but ordinary... so Here’s to never growing up!

Best chat up line: Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date instead?

My Happy Place: Paris

Spirit Animal:Gotta be a cheeky monkey - full of energy!

Post night-out snack: Maryland Chicken- Leicester

ASK Alex what city skyline he has tattooed on him (&why?)


Jordan’s fresh off the boat from Aus, living her best life here in London. She’s into travelling, music and cooking, but her hidden talents truly lie in mini golf and impersonating Coolio (not usually at the same time).

Fave Drink: Vodka Redbull. Did someone say a triple?

Best chat up line: Nice legs, what time they open?

Spirit Animal: Polar Bear- love winter and food!

Why London Party Pub Crawl?: Great music. Greater hosts!

CHALLENGE Jordan to rap Gangsters Paradise

Nina | WALES

Our Welsh-Filipino Nina is currently studying Event Management by day, and studying cocktail making (*ahem, drinking*) by night ;) she geeks out to Star Wars and loves dancing to anything upbeat, so she’ll be pulling you up on the dancefloor for sure!

Pornstar name: Nozomi Clos

Spirit Animal: Unicorn. Because I am queen of all unicorns.

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Always have a drink in your hand. Empty? REFILL!!!

Why London Party Pub Crawl?: The party don’t start til we walk in!

ASK Nina about the time she got possessed


Sam is has travelled across the pond to work in events all over the UK and Europe. He loves cricket, festivals and drinking (anything but tequila). 6 drinks is all it takes for Sam to tell you he loves you, so watch out ;)

Post night-out snack: Pizza and kebabs (usually more than just one)

Spirit Animal: A penguin – mates with one another in exchange for a shiny pebble

Pet Hate: Being mistaken for an Aussie :(

My happy place: Being the centre of attention makes me the most happy

ASK Sam what his High School nickname was (and why)?

Hannah | CARDIFF

By day, Hannah is studying for her Masters… by night, she’s a self-taught pole dancing expert! She loves exploring the world and skiing (it’s all about the apres-ski). Hannah likes to challenge people to a drinking competition, so take her up if you think you can!

Spirit Animal: Dog – loveable and always want to play.

Bumper Sticker for Life: Here for a good time not a long time

Your Pub Crawl Philosophy: A good story never starts with a glass of water

Why London Party Pub Crawl?: Great bars, even better hosts

ASK Hannah what happened in Siem Reap in 2018?

Michael | London

Michael is a paralegal, preparing to become the UK’s Harvey Specter… in the meantime, he’s spending his time either at the gym, watching horror movies, or training to do the splits.

Post night-out snack: The first place I find that sells chicken

Fave Drink: TEQUILA!

Pornstar name: Lucky Radley

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Why have 1 shot when you can have 5?

ASK Michael about his worst drinking story with a German supermodel

Débora | Portugal

Our glamour queen of the Crawl is blasting her way into the music industry and is interested in twerking, twirling, food, naps and snaps – seriously, check her Insta!

FAVE DRINK: Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Name Cleo Munster

Spirit Animal: Panther (I’ll be a cougar for sure)

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Shouldn't you be drinking!?

ASK why Debs was famous for a week in Lisbon!? And what’s her tattoo?


By day, Matt is working in Tech and business development... But by night, he’s a glitter-loving, cocktail-drinking, DJing pub crawler! He loves all things sports, comedy and music, so ask him about his favourite festivals!

My jam: Blind Faith - Chase & Status

Fave Drink: Moscow Mule

My happy place: A wavey beach :)

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Party with the professionals!

ASK Matt if he’s a ninja…

Ray | London

Ray is an aspiring actor; whilst waiting for that big break he’s moonlighting as an ‘exotic’ dancer, butler and all-round entertainer ;) don’t worry, he’s almost always dressed when on the Pub Crawls...

Pornstar name: Suki Landon

Pet hate: Taking things too seriously!

Spirit animal: Zebra, look pretty but don’t do too much

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Well who else ya gonna choose?

ASK Ray… well, ask away. This stripper got stories.

Kat | Germany

Kat is our tequila & gin drinking, salsa dancing, dog loving, Russian German. Bit of a mouthful?! Kat spends her days imparting her wisdom and dreaming about travelling – so ask her for her favourite South American travel tips! :)

Bumper Sticker for life:: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer' (is actually tattooed on my arm)

My Jam: Party Animal – Charly Black & Daddy Yankee

Fave Drink: Gin Lemonade.

Pub Crawl Philosophy: I live for the nights I can't remember with the people I never forget.

ASK Kat how many tattoos she has? And what happened with Roberto Escobar?!


Our Essex girl ‘Lanky Lucy’ is the self-proclaimed cheekiest police officer you’ll ever meet ;) she loves food and anything alcoholic (I mean, who doesn’t?!) and is currently in training to join the police. She’ll keep you in line!

My jam: Any 90’s throwback

Pornstar name: Maddie Stonards

Bumper sticker for life: Adventure before dementia

Pub Crawl Philosophy: just one more drink…

ASK Lucy what her best London night out memory is? :)


David loves snowboarding, skydiving, skiing and pretty much anything that’s likely to get him injured! David is a professional dancer who used to kickbox for England… so try and keep up with him on the dancefloor ;)

What you’re up to/Your day job: Professional dancer

Fave Drink: Why did the Mexican shoot his wife??? TEQUILA!!!

Spirit Animal: Sloth… I hate rushing

Your Pub Crawl Philosophy: Make stories worth telling

ASK David why he lost his last job? Or where he had to get a tattoo after loosing a bet?!

Pebbles | London

Pebbles is a Latin Dance teacher by day… and a party animal by night! Good luck keeping up with her on the dancefloor, she may be small but her energy is endless!

Spirit Animal: Hummingbird! Capable of a lot for something so small ;)

Fave chat up line: If I was your bread, would you be my butter?

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Eat, drink, (no) sleep, dance...repeat

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Good venues, great people and a looot of alcohol

ASK Pebbles about her ‘massive’ tattoo

Zach | Australia

Zach is a photographer, partier and professional procrastinator! He takes the best photos on the Crawl, so find him for the Insta-worthy shots.

Fave Drink: Long Island iced tea (the more booze the better)

Best chat up line: This may sound cheesy but, you're the gratest

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Just check Trip Advisor

ASK Zach what his middle name is (and why?)

Challenge Zach to a dance off


If you think you bring the right party vibes night after night, love a tequila, but also know when to stop, then we want to hear from you! Send us a message about yourself and why you’d make a great host. (Also attach a CV just for us to be nosey!)

The Role: Evenings, mainly at weekends, flexible, casual contract (average 10-15 hours p/w)

Career!?: Believe it or not, there are careers to be made in Pub Crawls! Who knows where hosting could take you? At the very least, it’s great experience hosting large crowds and coordinating events.