At London Party Pub Crawl, we have one major aim: to give everyone a great night out in London. Actually, more than just “great.” We want it to be the night that, on the morning after, you say, “Wow! What the hell happened?!” So we only work with hosts who are really going to add some value to your night and show you a unforgettable time! (*Though probably somewhat hazy).

They each have the heart of a lion, the stamina of a gazelle, and the loyalty of wolves as they lead their pack of Crawlers on a night out in London - though also, occasionally, the party feet of a drunken ostrich. Here you can see just who you might be meeting when you come and Crawl with us… we're an interesting bunch!


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JAKE | Exeter (UK)

Jake, famed for his whacky hair and king of the Pub Crawl selfie, is a Physiotherapy Masters student as well as a full-time philanthropist of alcohol. Alongside this he has a healthy interest in music & sports. Solid.

Pornstar Name: Milky Madeira

Pet Hates: Starbucks & Justin Bieber

Fun facts: Plays guitar and has a TV show about him!

Pub Crawl Philosophy: #PubTilYouCrawl

GUESS the highest amount of tequila shots Jake has done in one night!?

Host Photo

Our Princess of the Crawl is an events coordinator for a conservation NGO by day … oooo. We promise she lets loose by night though!

Post Night-Out Snack: ‘Duck biscuits’ & Peanut butter!

Spirit Animal: Elephant – Great memory and weirdly big ears :)

FUN FACTS: I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. I’ll destroy you at Mario Kart.

Pub Crawl philosophy: Drink triple. See double. Act single ;)

ASK for Kate’s party trick! What’s her favourite riddle? And what happened to her on Graduation night!?

Host Photo

Cary is busy breaking into the theatre world alongside some management. In his pastime he enjoys history, sarcasm, and scratching himself.

FAVE DRINK: Raging Evil Zombie


FUN FACT: Cary once punched a prince in the face!

PUB CRAWL PHILOSOPHY: Good people, long laughs, fluffy nights :)

ASK Cary what the girl with the coloured hair said? ;)

GUESS where he's actually from!?

Host Photo
MARTINA | Bulgaria

Martina is busy spreading her Bulgarian charm in public relations and enjoys dancing, techno, and pancakes. You won’t see her in daylight, but at night she’s everywhere!

Fave Drink: Tequila! x3!

Spirit Animal:  Wolf – Strong, wild, & free! With awesome eyes.

My Happy Place:  Ibiza!

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Because I’m here!?

ASK Martina if she’s been on TV!?


David likes snowboarding & skydiving; is pretty proficient at kickboxing & gymnastics; and is a professional dancer by trade… so try and keep up with him on the dance floor!

Fave Drink: "Why did the Mexican shoot his wife?” TEQUILA!

Post Night-Out Snack: Breakfast

Spirit Animal:  Sloth – I hate rushing!

Fun facts:  England kickboxing silver medallist. And he ran a marathon, with no training, for a bet!

ASK what David’s tattoo is about?! And why did he lose his last job?


Charlie is busy blasting beats out his home studio and studying to become the next Kanye or J Dilla. Remember his name – he started on the Pub Crawl.

MY JAM: Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight

Pornstar Name: Jasper Mills!

My Happy Place: Fratton Park (Portsmouth fan)

Pub Crawl Philosophy: GET INVOLVED.

GUESS what Charlie was voted as when he left School? And which celebrity he annoyed!?

LUKE | Landaaaan ( London )

Luke is making waves in the nightlife industry – big, messy, drunken waves. A Tsunami of talent is just waiting to be unleashed… he just doesn’t know in what! Pub Crawls? Quite Possibly ;)

Fave Drink: Tequila, sprinkled with regret

Spirit Animal: Dolphin – Outgoing, intelligent, playful. (Except I don’t swim too good!)

Bumper Sticker for Life: Regret what you do, never what you don’t.

Why London Party Pub Crawl? Well if Carlsberg made them, they’d make ‘em like ours ;)

ASK What Luke’s tattoo is about! (And what it is?) And what happened in LA!?

TONYA | South-West England

Tonya is our International woman of mystery, who appears in your life in an explosion of glitter. She loves design and exploring…. The night.

MY JAM: RiRi, Bey or Minogue. 100% 90’s Chick.

Superhero Name:  Pixie Tonic

Pet Hate: Wrong-Side escalator standers!

BUMPER STICKER FOR LIFE: It’ll be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

ASK for Tonya’s cheese jokes! And why she doesn't drink red bull?!

Débora | Portugal

Our glamour queen of the Crawl is blasting her way into the music industry and is interested in twerking, twirling, food, naps and snaps – seriously, check her Insta!

FAVE DRINK: Pornstar Martini

Pornstar Name Cleo Munster

Spirit Animal: Panther (I’ll be a cougar for sure)

Pub Crawl Philosophy: Shouldn't you be drinking!?

ASK why Debs was famous for a week in Lisbon!? And what’s her tattoo?

OLIVIA | London

Olivia by day is a studious, driven English Lit Student at Uni… but at night, ain’t no way she should be driving! She loves make-up, travelling and giving some serious sass – watch out for it!

Fave Drink: A Martini in any form

Post Night-Out Snack: Anything bacon + cheese. Burger King!?

Spirit Animal: Peacock – Love to have my best assets on show ;)

Pet Hate: People who can’t take a hint!

GUESS what insect Olivia has a serious fear of!? And where her piercings are?? ;)


OG is tearing up the entertainment industry and making her way onto the big screens. To balance the chaos, she enjoys travel, nature, healthy living, and the summer (proper ones!)

Fave Drink: Bloody Mary, escalating to Sex on the Beach (the drink!)

My Jam: Crazy in Love – Beyonce

Bumper Sticker for Life: Live fast, die young, be a beautiful corpse.

Fun Fact: OG prefers nude beaches to regular ones!

ASK Olga, “Hey… how you doin’?”


Isabella works in PR by day and then constantly seeks self-improvement through travelling, meeting new people, hitting the gym, and obviously a bit of drinking!


My Jam: Anything Hip-Hop or Saaamba

Spirit Animal: Cat – mysterious, charming, independent, & cute

Pet Hate: Knowing I have to get up early

ASK Isabella for her life story! (Only after some beers & if you dare…)

SAM | Australia

Sam has recently moved from Down Under and by day is a Personal Trainer, and enjoys anything to do with a beach, surfing, tanning, or fishing. Stereotypical much!?

FAVE DRINK: ABC shot, closely followed by a vodka lemon

Post Night-Out Snack: Chicken Kebab

Pornstar Name: Woofa Sunrise ;)

Spirit Animal: Chameleon – adjusts to anything

ASK Sam why he has long hair and can’t cut it!?

RYAN | Devon (UK)

Ryan is busy making waves in the music industry and currently hitting every single music festival possible, then at night is our diva of the Pub Crawl.


Spirit Animal: Chaka Khan

Bumper Sticker For Life: "Miley wat's good!?""

Why London Party Pub Crawl: We're the only Pub Crawl with Major Key. (Ask DJ Khaled)

ASK what celebrities Ryan has met!? And what's his most awkward moment ever?

LEWIS | Aylesbury (UK)

Lewis is a Drama Student by day and our Drama Queen by night! He loves all things theatre, American Horror Story and, of course, 'The Sesh'.

My Jam: Work Bitch – Britney

Post Night-out Snack: 20 nugget sharebox – to myself (obviously)

Pet Hates: Loud chewers!

Fun Fact: Lewis had a seahorse named after him at seaworld. It immediately died.

ASK for Lewis’ party trick! Also, why he’s banned from Tiger Tiger in Newcastle!? And why does Vicky Pattison hate him!?


If you think you bring the right party vibes night after night, love a tequila, but also know when to stop, then we want to hear from you! Send us a message about yourself and why you’d make a great host. (Also attach a CV just for us to be nosey!)

The Role: Evenings, mainly at weekends, flexible, casual contract (average 10-15 hours p/w)

Career!?: Believe it or not, there are careers to be made in Pub Crawls! Who knows where hosting could take you? At the very least, it’s great experience hosting large crowds and coordinating events.